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Jan 12, 2017

We have missed you guys! We took turns being sick and losing our voices, and Becca's computer died a sad and sorry death...but we are back!

We hope everybody had a great Holiday Season!

In today's episode we are talking about Michaelyn's Christmas trip to Disneyland. Yep, she braved those crowds! And we are glad she did because now we were able to talk about the brand new security check points at Disneyland Park.

And then she was able to take a sneak peek at Star Wards Land because they opened up the path between Big Thunder and Fantasyland. She talks about what she saw and what she was most excited about.

Finally, we are talking about some common myths that make us believe Disney is too expensive. Are you falling for any of these myths? Becca wrote a whole post about these myths and more. Check it out on her blog.

Before we leave, did you notice something? Check out our URL! That is right, we now are live at Adventureland Moms (dot) com! SWEET!

Huge Thanks to The Happiest Blog on Earth for the security picture in the body of this post. Go check out her blog by CLICKING HERE.

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Thanks for checking out our podcast. Just earlier today Disneyland made a huge announcement, which we will cover in our next podcast so be sure to subscribe. Remember you can also find us on itunes and youtube.